January Horror – Lucas on Trial for Racketeering and Multiple Drugs Offenses

Raid to Frank’s HouseĀ  Lucas that turned Lucas on trial

Frank Lucas on trial

Frank Lucas on trial

On a dark night of January 28, 1975, Julie Lucas‘ dreadful dream of Frank finally getting into trouble came true. The horror was brought by DEA strike-forced after the SNTF’s lengthy investigation gathered a tip from two Pleasant Avenue guys. Frank Lucas’ haven house in a leafy neighbourhood of Teaneck, New Jersey, got raided.

Julie, on an impulse, started throwing several suitcases out the window. These suitcases were known to have hoard money totaling to the amount of $584,000. Frank admitted that these were his “street money”. Authorities also gathered some keys of Lucas’ Cayman Island safe-deposit boxes with poperty deeds and a compliment ticket from the ambassador of Honduras to a United Nations ball.

In that very night, ten individuals were apprehended but the force never got their hands on Frank Lucas. Plus, the authorities never got any evidence that tied Lucas to any drug operation. According to Frank Lucas, he believed that the officers took nine to ten million of dollars from him and not the plain $500 grand. But the DEA agent said otherwise.

Basically, Frank Lucas lost everything that night but never got caught until one of his nephews broke his silence. One of the known Country Boys opened his mouth during the interrogation and named names, showed their buying of dope locations and even pointed pay-phones for making drug dealings with suppliers and customers. This evidence led to the charging of 43 people, inclusive of Frank’s immediate family, with drug trafficking. Hence, Frank Lucas was brought to trial.

His own family put Lucas on trial.

He trusted his family and in the end, it was his own blood that got him into trouble.

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